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IRS Targeted Christian Non-Profit Organizations

      The news lately has been full of the IRS targeting tax-exempt organizations with tea party and “patriot” words in their titles for qualification audits.  It’s interesting to me that even the “main street media” is giving this news wide coverage.

     However, not widely mentioned in the national news is the auditing of Christian tax-exempt organizations. 

     Last Thursday, the Newsmax website ran the article, “Baptist Newspaper Said IRS Targeted Them” by Todd Beamon (, Thursday, May 16 7:25 PM).  It reported that The Biblical Recorder, published by the North Carolina Baptist State Convention, was audited by the IRS last summer (2012).

     The IRS apparently started the audit after the Recorder published an interview with Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy.  The interview included Cathy’s support of “traditional family values.”  In addition, the Recorder included ads from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association backing North Carolina’s marriage amendment.

     Fox News reported that the IRS had called the Recorder following that publication.  This was the first time the Recorder had been audited by the IRS since the paper started in 1833.            

     By the way, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association was also audited by the IRS during that time.

     Both the Recorder and the Billy Graham organization were cleared, but it took weeks of time and money.

     So I asked myself, what can I do as a senior citizen?  My answer—send a petition to the Texas U.S. Senators and my U.S. House of Representative member.

     Here is the petition which asks our Congressmen to include audits of Christian organizations in their ongoing investigation of the IRS.  The petition along with all of our names will be sent to Senator Conyn, Senator Cruz and your House of Representative member on June 5, 2013.

     Thanks for joining us to show that “seniors help america regain excellence (SHARE)”.

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I just learned that the IRS targeted and intimidated Christian tax-exempt organizations such as the Biblical Recorder newspaper, published by the North Carolina Baptist State Convention, as well as the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (“Baptist Newspaper Said IRS Targeted Them,” by Todd Beamon,, Thursday, May 16 7:25 PM).

Since there seems to be a growing anti-Christian bias in a lot of government agencies, I am asking you to include Christian tax-exempt groups in the Congressional investigation into the IRS bullying and harassing actions against tax-exempt organizations. I believe those responsible for this deplorable abuse of power should be fired immediately and face appropriate criminal prosecution.  In addition, I support removing from office any Administration official found to be a part of this outrageous IRS violation of the U.S. Constitution.


An American senior citizen helping America regain excellence (SHARE)